Entrepreneurship Education Model in Development of Creative Industries Skills Crafts Plastic Bag Recycling in Elementary School

D. M Dharmawati, Nadiroh Nadiroh, A. Marini


The skill of creative industries in the development of a craft bag from recycled plastic. This research is effective in improving the skills of creative industries, the effectiveness of the application in the model of skill using Methods Research and Development (R & D), R & D method aims to (1) improve the quality of education. (2) to validate the results of education, (3) Find new knowledge through "basic research", (4) improve educational practices. (Borg and Gall (1989 : 795-795). This effective entrepreneurship education models increase the skills of creativity of students in elementary school. Results of research skills creative handicraft Industry plastic bag recycling, and deserves to be developed in elementary school. This research has also been done by some earlier researchers on aspects of ability, profesioanal, social and personal skills are still common. The results of previous studies, with the topic, "Learning Skills Modelbased Polytechnic Local Potential" the results of his work in the category of very valid based on the validation of test results by experts showed the average value of 3.50, the category of high, validity of the test results by practitioners learning device shows the value of 3.81 by category is very high, that mean deserves to be developed in elementary school (Natalia 2017). In addition it has been developed in support of increased knowledge about recycle management-based movement in the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) Muhammadiyah 4 Samarinda in East Kalimantan, Nadiroh (2018), According to the results of the previous research, the results of the analysis of the development of the creative industry of woven plastic bags, products made in the enhancement of entrepreneurship education values with changes the attitude of students through industry skills creative with a high value as paper creations. (Sukardi dkk, 2014).

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