Analysis of Student Errors in Geometry Materials in 8th Grade Junior High School

R Agung, Riyadi Riyadi, I Diari


Geometry are one of the materials taught in 8th grade Junior High School. In fact, there are still many students’ who have difficulty in applying the material to solve a mathematical problem. To solve the problems, an analysis is needed to find out what kind of mistakes are made by students’ and what causes them to occur. This research
uses descriptive analysis method. The subjects of this research were 4 students’ class VIII-A MTs Muhammadiyah 3 Masaran who were randomly selected from 29 students. Data collection techniques are carried out through test and interview. Data analysis techniques using source and data triangulation. The results showed that students’ mastery of the geometry material was still relatively low. This is supported by the data obtained from the research that mathematical processing of student errors is greater than the other types of student errors. The biggest tendency for student errors occurs in the types of process skills and the final results rather than transformation errors. The
magnitude of the percentage of student errors can be due to understanding of prerequisite material that is still low and the learning process that feels less meaningful.


Student errors, geometry

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