Socializing Habitual Healthy Lifestyle to Lower PrimaryStudents Using the Media of Sticky Notes Checklist to Developing Moral Judgment

R Wismaliya, A Setiawan, KA Hakam


Students inlower primary school require teachers’ and parents’ assistance to take care of their own body and one of the media that is used to help students in having a habitual healthy lifestyle is “Sticky Note Checklist”. The objective of this research is describe students’ habit after studying using Sticky Note Checklist Media at school. The research method used is qualitative method in which the researcher as an observer, interviewer and collects
documentation related to lower primary students in SDN 1 Padamulya. The result of this research shows that Sticky Note Checklist Media helps student having a healthier lifestyle. The recommendation of this research requires follow-up from teachers in each grade level and collaboration with parents at home, and also a creatively variation of sticky note checklist media. Such habituation will result in them being able to regulate a healthy lifestyle and
provide an understanding of how to choose according to the develop moral judgment and good economic concept.

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