Implementation of Model Discovery on Learning Outcomes of Natural Science in Grade 8 Students Junior High School Fortunately Suropati Sidoarjo

Yosef Frina Demezt


Many learning models can be used in learning, one of which is the discovery learning model. Discovery learning is a method by which teachers in support of the learning process take place. This research aims to determine the
influence of learning Discovery learning model for students learning outcomes of grade VIII SMPK Untung Suropati Sidoarjo on SCIENCE learning. This method of research is to use quantitative descriptive and the subject of his
research teacher of Natural Sciences eighth grade (8). The data in this study was obtained in two ways: one cycle data and two cycle data in SCIENCE learning. The research results explained that in learning using model discovery after tested with posttest on cycle two from the number of students 36 people there are 32 students who got the value above KKM with a percentage of 88.88%. Based on the results of this study can be concluded that the implementation of model discovery learning to the results of the SCIENCE of students in class VIII can attract students to be more active in the learning process and provide the convenience for students to Understand the material to be taught.


Discovery; study result

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