The Effectiveness of STEM Integrated Handouts to Improve Students Creative Thinking Skills in Biotechnology Material

W Mentari, Abdurrahman Abdurrahman, T Jalmo


This study aims to know the effectiveness of STEM integrated handoutsto improve students creative thinking skills in biotechnology material. The designused was nonequivalent pre-post control group design. This research wasimplemented in grade IX of SMPN 25 Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. The subjectwere 70 students divided into experiment class (N=35) and control class (N=35)with purposive sampling technique. The data collection was done by pretest andposttest for students creative thinking skills and students responses to the STEMintegrated handouts. Based on the result, it were obtained that an average Ngain of experiment class was 0,64 greater than average N-gain of control classwas 0,40. Both of class in medium category. Average N-gain of fluency was 0,50and originality was 0,66 with medium category, then average N-gain of flexibilitywas 0,74 and elaboration was 0,79 with high category. The student responsesshowed almost all of the students agreed to the implementation of STEM integrated handouts lead to be interested and motivated in biotechnology material.

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