The Evaluation Implementation of Education Unit Level Curriculum in MI Bahrul Ulum Palemwatu Menganti Gresik

Gilang Ilham


Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP) is an operational education curriculum which arranged by and held in each education unit. MI Bahrul Ulum Palemwatu Menganti Gresik as an educational institution has been applying KTSP curriculum since 2007. The implementation of a curriculum needs to be monitored and evaluated. This evaluation is important to be implemented aims to get information whether a curriculum has been implemented properly. This research generally aims to know the implementation of KTSP curriculum and describe it factually about plans of Educatiom Unit Level Curriculum in MI Bahrul Ulum Palemwatu Menganti Gresik. This research is an evaluation research which uses Countenance Stake model that is a research which emphasis on two description main points and a judgement. The data collected by interview technique, documentation, and observation with triangulation technique to the validity of the data. Based on the results of the weighting of the principles of curriculum development to get the value of 4.062, document components with a value of 4.117, with a value of 4.642 syllabus development, the development of the syllabus with the value of 4.642, the principle of development with a value of 4.642 RPP, RPP preparation with a value of 4.645, RPP component with a value of 5.0. Result of the research shows a plan and a implementation of KTSP curriculum in MI Bahrul Ulum Palemwatu Menganti Gresik is good because it has been appropriated with the principle of development and implementation of KTSP curriculum. However, to improve the quality and purpose of education unit needs evaluation and monitoring the curriculum implementation annually.

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