The Use of Pop Up Book in Theme of Nature and Surrounding by Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Learning Model for Students of PAUD Aisyiyah of Aisyiyah Rawalo Branch

Tatik Ariyati, Sri Muryaningsih


Learning is a series of activities involving information as well as planned and arranged environments to facilitate students in learning. The intended environment is not only where the learning takes place, but also the equipment,
model, and equipment needed to convey information. Teachers need to prepare everything before teaching to maximize learning outcomes. The role of the teacher in the learning process is the problem for determining the outcome of a learning process. The use of media in the learning process also influences the outcome of learning in a learning process. The pop up book with its moving part or three-dimensional features could give a more interesting visual , initially with a moving picture when opened. Unfortunately the use of the media is still less
varied at types and remains dull, by the fact that the factory-made media is still a common to happen. It becomes restriction for teacher’s creativity. The goal of this study is to boast the effectiveness and to rise the interest in using the pop up book made by teacher. The method used in this study is classroom action research. The result of this study derived from the study mentioned 26 children observed were divided into 81% children were developed according to expectation, while 19% of the children were started developing. For that reason, this study is classified into successful at the best grade. From the result it can be concluded that the use of pop up book media is very effective in improving the language development skill of the children.Keywords: The use of Media Pop Up
Book, Learning Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) Model.

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