Improving Discipline and Mathematical Learning Achievements on The Topic of Rounding the Result of Length Measurement Through Contextual Approach for Fourth Grade of SD N 2 Karanggintung

Syafrudin Hafiz Guntoro, Pamujo Pamujo, Sri Muryaningsih


The study aimed to improve disciplinary attitudes and mathematics learning achievements on the topic of rounding the results of length measurement through a contextual approach. The subjects of the study were fourth-grade students of SD Negeri 2 Karanggintung consisted of 16 students; 9 male students and 7 female students. This study was a classroom action research conducted in 2 cycles. Each cycle obtained 2 meetings. The procedure for
implementing each cycle consisted of planning, implementation, action, observation, and reflection. Data were collected from teacher and student observation sheets. The data to the improvement of disciplinary attitudes and
learning achievements were obtained from the disciplinary questionnaire and evaluation questions. The results of the disciplinary questionnaire in the first cycle obtained a score of 50.4 or 85.20% in excellent criteria, while the second cycle obtained a score of 51.4 or 86.97% in excellent criteria. The average learning achievement obtained in the first cycle was 87.50% and the second cycle was 100%. Thus, it can be drawn that the contextual approach can improve discipline and mathematics learning achievement for fourth-grade students of SD Negeri 2


Discipline; Learning Achievement; Mathematics; Contextua

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