The Development of Study Achievement 4th Grade Students Using Problem Based Learning Model on 9th Theme Kayanya Negeriku in SD N 2 Sokaraja Kulon

Ihda Kurotul Aini, Dhi Bramasta, Badarudin Badarudin


The purpose of the research is to develop student achievement using Problem Based Learning model. In this model, students simultaneously develop problem-solving strategies, disciplinary, knowledge bases, collaborative skills, and dispositions. The 4^th grade is the subject of the research. Instument of the research is like teacher’s observation sheets, students observation sheets, and an evaluation sheet. The result of Indonesian’s in the first cycle students reach an average 66,7 with 63% passed. In the second cycle they reach 78,1 with 85% passed. On the other hans, the result of Natural science in the first cycle they reach an average 70 with 63% passed. In the second cycle increased to an average 82,3 with 86% passed. According to all the collecting data of classroom action, using a Problem Based Learning is absolutely worked for students in SD N 2 Sokaraja Kulon.

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