The Effectiveness Of Media Flash Card On Mathematics Learning Achievements On Topic Of Multiplication At The Fifth Graders Of SD Negeri 1 Sukoharjo

Rischarinda Grafinasari, Sri Muryaningsih, Okto Wijayanti


This study aimed to find out the effectiveness of flash card media on mathematics learning achievement of multiplication material in the fifth graders of SD Negeri 1 Sukoharjo. This was a quantitative study using a correlation approach. The study population was 20 students in the fifth grade of SD Negeri 1 Sukoharjo. The sample used in this study is saturated sample because the number of students was limited or all members were the sample, amounting to 20 students. Data collection techniques used the test of mathematics learning achievement and student grades through flash card media. The data analysis technique used simple linear regression data analysis. Data were processed using manual calculation and SPSS version 24 program. The results of this study indicate that flash card media was effective in mathematics learning achievement on multiplication material with significant results smaller than 0.05, which was 0.020, which meant that flash card media affected on mathematics learning achievement on multiplication. The Fstatistic is 6.468 and Ftable is 4.414. The results of data analysis indicate that there is a significant effect between the two variables, because because Fcount > Ftable.


Effectiveness of flash card media; learning achievement; multiplication material

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