Developing Rhythmic Activity of Barongan Modificationfor Physical Education Learning at Elementary School

Yudha Febrianta, Pamuji Sukoco, Fx Sugiyanto


The learning of rhythmic activity in elementary school is adjusted to the characteristics of elementary school students as the reflective motion / body movements beyond the ability or based on observations on the environment. Rhythmic activity tries to bring the rhythmic motion to natural movement according to the nature and characteristics of the students of elementary school. Survey was used as the data collection techniques in preliminary study by conducting interview techniques. From the research data obtained, the school needs the development of rhythmic activities for Penjasorkes (Heath Physical Education) learning and rhythmic activities developed should also contain local wisdom that is by modifying the barongan dance that is native from Bantul. Rhythmic activity that combines rhythm with systematic movement by modifying barongan dance will facilitate students in memorizing the movement. In addition, this rhythmic activity contains cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects.


rhythmic activity; barongan modification; physical education Introduction

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