Sing Conceptual Change Texts to Address Teachers’ Misconceptionat Verbal and Visual Representation on Heat Conduction Concept

R S Anam, A Widodo, W Sopandi


Heat conduction is a concept that very familiar because it is related to everyday life. The explanation about the heat conduction usually only discussed at the macroscopic level (something that is observed and can be felt), while at the submicroscopic level or the cause of the occurrence never be a concern, ranging from elementary students until to the teachers and this will make lack of knowledge or furthermore can be a misconception. This study aims to identify the influence of the use of conceptual change text on teachers regarding their verbal and visual representation on the concept of heat conduction. Participants in this study are 5 teachers at elementary school who teach science in fifth grades. Diagnostics test are used to obtain teachers verbal and visual representations at the sub-microscopic level. The results showed that the verbal and visual representation of the teachers improves to be better after giving treatment. This study also suggests that the submicroscopic representation (verbal and visual) is an important aspect for teachers to provide a learning process that can make science lessons become more meaningful and easier for students to understand.

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