How to Improve the Mathematics Problem Solving Ability of the College Primary Teacher Education

A Setiawan, Soeharto Soeharto


The purpose of this study tries to enhance college primary teacher’s mathematics problem solving ability. Problem solving ability is a very important ability in mathematics learning in 21 st century, because to teach problem solving ability to elementary school students, the college primary teacher must have mastered it first. This is a classroom action research which is conducted in primary teacher education program in Yogyakarta State University. The study is conducted in two cycles. The object is one class of college student in semester 2 which is consisting of 40 college students. The data are collected by using observation, tests, interviews, and documentation. The results showed that college primary teacher’s problem solving ability can be improved through the implementation of problem based learning in early grade mathematics education course. The improvement of college primary teacher’s problem solving ability is indicated through the mean score test at cycle I and cycle II. The improvement of problem solving ability at cycle I and II are 6.375 and 10.025, respectively. Findings from this study can inform lecturers, educators, and researchers about improving college primary teacher’s problem solving ability with problem based learning model.

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