The Analysis of Mathematical Comuunication Ability for Students in Quadrilateral at 8th Grade On Islamic Junior High School

N. Barizah, Al Jupri


The purpose of the research is about to analyze the level of mathematical communication skills of students in one of the Private Islamic Junior High School in Jakarta. This research is a qualitative research. The research took 6 students for the subjects from 8th grade at the Private Islamic Junior High School based on PMA (Prior Mathematical Ability) from the students with the high, medium, and low capability that taken from the mathematics daily exam scores on the previous chapter. The way to retrieve the data is taken by the essay that suitable with the indicators of mathematical communication, i.e: Made a mathematical role model from the mathematical situation; Has a mind explanation about mathematical ideas and situations into a picture, graphics, and algebraic expressions; Representing daily situations into a sketches of images and completing them. As the results of the analysis shows that the students who have the high ability, has a good mathematical communication skills on each indicator. Students with the moderate abilities also has a good mathematical communication skills but not to all the indicators. And the low-ability students has a poor mathematical communication skills right on the each indicator.

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