Mathematical Literacy Ability of Students for The Content of Space and Shape

R Fauzana, JA Dahlan, A Jupri


Mathematical literacy ability is important in life. Someone who has mathematical literacy ability will consider how to apply mathematical knowledge effectively in various contexts. The aim of this study is to find out mathematical literacy ability in space and shape content. The method of study is qualitative descriptive. The subject of study are 32 students of class IX Junior High School with age characteristic (14-15 years old). Data was collected by
using test. The study result showed that students’ mathematical literacy ability is still problems in the stage of formulating into mathematic model, applying suitable concept and reinterpreting problem solution obtained in context. Based on our study result, to overcome the problem of mathematical literacy ability, students can use realistic mathematic approach which can stimulate students to be active and creative so it can help them to understand the concept.

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