Concept Image of Junior High School Students About Algebra on System of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Fajriah Fajriah, D Suryadi, S Fatimah


Concept image is the overall structure of cognition that is associated with the concept, including visual representations or mental pictures, characteristics, and processes related to the concept. Concept image is not unique, every individual represents the same concept differently depending on their own perspective and previous experience. Students' concept image of algebraic thinking needs to be studied because algebraic thinking is an
important and fundamental element of mathematics that students must possess. The purpose of this study is describe the learning experience that forms the concept image of students so that the possibility of the existence of learning obstacle students about algebraic thinking in a system of linear equations in two variables. This study uses a qualitative research method with a hermeneutic phenomenology. The participant were thirty students of eight grade in one of a junior high schools in Bandung. Data were collected through interview with mathematician, teacher, and students, algebraic thinking tests for students, and documentation analysis. The results showed that there were various kinds of learning experiences that form the concept image of students who have a significant gap from scientific concepts caused by the didactical obstacle, epistemological obstacle, and ontogenic obstacle.

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