The Contribution Of Biological Practicum Learning Model Based On Creative Research Projects In Forming Scientific Creativity Of High School Students

A Sukarso, A Widodo, D Rochintaniawati, W Purwianingsih


Anticipating the demands of 21st-century life Biology learning must generate creative students using Biological knowledge to solve problems. Research has been conducted with the aim of investigating the contribution of Biology practicum models based on creative research projects in shaping the scientific creativity of high school students. The study was conducted at 66 MIPA grade X high school students in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. Data from the research were collected using the Biology creative disposition questionnaire, Biological creative
thinking skills tests and creative product assessments. The results showed that the creative disposition of Biology students in the experimental class and control class belonged to the medium category. Creative research-based Biology practicum model can improve creative thinking skills at n-gain 0.6 including medium category, also produce creative products in good categories. The results of the statistical test using a t-test, the experimental class Biology creative thinking skills were higher and significantly different than the control class. Thus the Biology practicum model based on creative research projects needs to be developed in high school because it contributes to fostering students' scientific creativity.

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