Understanding Disaster Mitigation Volcanic Eruption Residents Primary School Mountain Slamet Banyumas

Agung Nugroho, Dedy Irawan


Indonesia is a country that has a level of vulnerability to catastrophic volcanic
eruptions because it lies at the juncture of four tectonic plates. This condition requires that
the community surrounding mountain slopes should have an understanding and
knowledge of disaster mitigation volcanoes. Understanding of disaster mitigation in
primary education is one of the solutions that need to be done in Indonesia, in order to
reduce the impact of disasters. This study is qualitative research that aims to determine
the extent of the public's understanding and disaster preparedness volcanoes. The more
people understand the disaster mitigation will reduce the impact of natural disasters,
especially fatalities. The results showed that in general the citizens of SD Negeri Ketenger
already understand and realize the importance of disaster mitigation conceptual (theory).
However, the constraint is not the implementation of disaster mitigation practice on
students through learning and of BNPB.


comprehension; disaster mitigation

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