Analysis of Students’ Creative Thinking Skill Level in Solving Triangle Problems

Z Fauzi, YS Kusumah, A Hasanah


Creative thinking is one of the high-level thinking processes that aims to build new ideas triggered by non-routine problems. In the process of creative thinking, students will provide flexible ways of thinking to solve complex problems and the results will provide high quality learning. This study aimed to analyze the level of creative thinking skills of junior high school students in solving triangle problems. There were three levels of creative thinking in this study namely high, medium, and low. The indicators in this study were elaboration, flexibility, fluency and originality. Subjects of this research was three students in grade VII at one of Junior High School in Bandung including one student with high ability, one with medium ability and one with low ability in mathematics. This was a qualitative research and the instrument in this study were creative thinking test in triangle problem, and interviews. The data validity was done by triangulation method by comparing test results and data interview. There were three steps to analyzing data, namely data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. The results
showed that 1) Students with a high level ability in mathematics were able to solve mathematical creative thinking problems. 2) students with medium level ability in mathematics were still experiencing difficulties in solving problems. 3) students with low levels ability in mathematics were still very difficult to solve mathematical
creative thinking problems. We concluded that the ability in mathematical creative thinking of junior high school students in Bandung must be improved from their ideas that were less systematic and less detailed so that in solving problem they still encountered many obstacles.


Creative Thinking, Level Creativity, Geometry

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