The Profile of High School Student’s Mental Model on Chemical Bonding Concept

Jamiludin Hidayat, Harry Firman, Yayan Sunarya, Sri Redjeki


Research on the Profile of High School Students’ Mental Model on Chemical Bonding concept has been carried out with the aim of identifying the profile and characterization of the mental models of high school students on
chemical bonding concept. The research method used was descriptive research, with the subject of research as many as 177 studentsThe Science Program consisted of a State Madrasah Aliyah (MAN) in Ciamis, Indonesia. Data collection uses a mental model diagnostic test in the form of two-tier diagnostic tests. The results showed that students' understanding at the sub-microscopic level on the concept of chemical bonds was still low, the categories of mental models in this material were very consistent for each level of representation. The results of this
study can be used by teachers in improving the learning process and can be input for practitioners making chemical teaching materials in high schools.


Chemical Bonding, Content Validity Ratio, Mental Models, TwoTier Diagnostic Test

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