Gender and Mathematical Communication Ability of Secondary School Students

N H Firdiani, T Herman


Communication skills was one of the abilities needed in the 21st century, so communication skills need to be mastered by students. The purpose of this study was to analyze the mathematical communication abilities of male and female students at eighth grade. The research method used was a qualitative research method, with subjects consisted of 1 male student and 1 female student who had equal ability. Data collection techniques consist of oral tests, writing tests, and indepth interviews. Data analysis used includes data reduction, data collection and conclusions. The results show that both of female and male student has the same ability to communicate mathematical ideas both orally and in writing, but female student is better at re-expressing a mathematical description or paragraph in her own language, whereas male student is better at expressing situations in the form of images, diagrams, languages, symbols, expression charts or mathematical models.

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