Student’s Mathematical Argumentation in Solving Closed Problem

D F Noviyanti, D Suryadi


Argumentation as need for support student success have to integrated and developed in mathematics learning. In other to do so, students are able to show or explain the truth of a mathematical result with supporting facts and
evidence. Mathematical learning tends have emphasized in the activities of the correct answers and the questions given have not provided an opportunity for students give mathematical argumentation. Therefore, students neccesary habituation with mathematical argumentation through closed problem questions. Students' athematical argumentation can identify and observe when students write their mathematical ideas. The aims of this study describe student’s mathematical argumentation and types of argumentation when they solve closed problem. To investigated this issue, used descriptive method and carried out in written test four students junior high school. The results showed that students were abled to argue but have not been able to given mathematical argumentation comprehensive and correct. The conclusion of this study, students provide a clear and simple mathematical argumentation whose just contains objects and mathematical principles, verbal and pictorial argumentation are used by students in solving closed problem.


argumentation, mathematical argumentation, types of argumentation, closed problem

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