Analysis The Ability of Class IX Students in Solving The Mathematics Word Problem Reviewed From Long-Term Memory

R Desriana, A Hasanah, A Jupri


The purpose of this study was to determine how students' ability to solve mathematical word problems using their memory. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative. The subjects of this study were class IX students. In solving word problem, students are required to translate questions into mathematical language. In translating questions into mathematical forms students must dig back their old memories in order to translate the question correctly. If the word problem given is a matter of story from the previous material that students have already learned, students must dig back their memories of the material so that students can answer the questions correctly. The results of the analysis say that not all students forget about mathematics before, there are students who still remember clearly the mathematics lessons that have been taught before. But to recall lessons that have long been studied, students must dig back their memories and often review them. Because if a student does not review what he has learned before, then when he climbs the next level he will experience difficulties in his
mathematical learning.

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