Analysis of Problem-Solving Aspect in Biology Electronic Textbooks for 12th Grade in Indonesia

R Purwati, Suranto Suranto, Sajidan Sajidan, N M Prasetyanti


Problem-solving is an important key in science learning and is an important factor for students in adjusting behaviour when facing an increasingly complex problem in the 21st century. This research was conducted to obtain information about fulfilling aspects of problem- solving for secondary school electronic textbooks of 12th grade. The method used in this research is the descriptive method by means of content analysis, which is collecting and analyzing the content of the textbooks observed without giving treatment. The results of the teaching material
analysis based on problem-solving aspects are 28.57% aspects of meeting the problem in low categories, 14.29% aspects of problem analysis and learning issues in low categories, 26.53% aspects of discovery and reporting in low categories, 30.36% aspects of solution presentation and evaluating in low categories. The way that can
be used to fulfil the problem-solving aspect is to present the problems of everyday life in accordance with the content of learning.

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