The Efectiveness Learning Media Based on Interactive Multimedia Towards Geometry Transformation Material (Experiment Study of VII Grades MTs Nurul Huda Munjul Cirebon)

A. D. Agus


Almost students get difficulties in order to understand what they learn in their math book especially in the movement math cahpter or geometry animation. Then, this research aimed to know the effectiveness of math learing media based on interactive multimedia towards developed geometry transformation chapter. The methods were research and development method (R&D). The data collection were questionaire interveiws and observations sheet. The evaluation result by content and media experts showed the score average of each aspect is 4.37 with excellent category. Then, the result of students’ questionaire response reach 3,98 on average wih a good category. The students’ evaluation data acquired 82,34 > Minimum Clompeteness Criteria or KKM (75) on average with completeness classically 89,19 > 85%. According to analyst of the students’ evaluation score both of experimental and control class are not normally disributed and also homogeneous. Hence, the researcher do some non parametric test Mann Whitney U is 0,05 significant scale that acquired higher score on average by using math multimedia than non. The conclusion showed the effectiveness of learning media based on interactive
multimedia towards geometry transformation chapter based on student and teacher learning activities, students’ respons, experts’ point of view, and the final result is very effective.


learning media, interactive multimedia, the geometry transformation

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