Science Teachers’ Perception About Laboratory Activity on Mixture Separation Topics

R Meidayanti, N Fadiawati, C Diawati


The design of this research is survey research. This study aimed to explore seventh grade science teachers’ perception about laboratory activity on mixture separation topics and match them with available evidence from learning document. The sample comprised 10 seventh grade science teachers, purposive sampled from seventeen teachers. Questionnaires and interview guidelines were used to collect data. The results show that while teachers’ perceptions on mixture separation topics in science classrooms is inadequate. Caused, there was a mismatch between teachers’ perceptions, learning document, and what was taking place in the science classroom. The study may inform teachers’ performance in teaching mixture separation topics in science. It is recommended that teacher on learning should be used practice worksheet and assessment of laboratory activity, as most of the teachers do not record marks regularly for laboratory activity. Futhermore, laboratory activity which prepared by the teacher should arranged in lesson plan and practice schedules.

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