Analysis of the Ability to Evaluate Students in Environmental Materials Class X High School in Surakarta

ND Yanti, Maridi Maridi, Sutarno Sutarno


Skills require for students in the 21st century are community participation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Critical thinking has aspects, namely the ability to evaluate so that the ability to evaluate is needed. The evaluation ability aspect consists of claims and arguments. The topic of environmental pollution is
closely related to the 21st century because topic environmental presents cases that are able to empower thinking skills. With the case, students are able to think deeply to solve problems so that solutions are found. The purpose of this study was to determine the ability students to evaluate in environmental material. This research is
qualitative. The method used is qualitative. Data was collected through an essay test which included indicators of the ability to evaluate with a number of questions of 10 items. The results obtained through biology learning observation are more productoriented so that the ability to evaluate is not explored maximally, biology learning carried out by the teacher uses the lecture method, not presenting the context of the problems that train evaluation skills. Based on the essay test questions showed that the ability to evaluate from 17 students of class X science was the low category with aspects of claim 22% and argument aspects 21.2%. Based on the above problems the researcher will use teaching materials in the form of modules which include indicators of evaluating abilities and environmental material indicators that are able to empower students' evaluation abilities.

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