Analysis of the Difficulties of Student’s Problem Solving Skill in Pythagorean Theorems

R Arafahanisa, Suhendra Suhendra, Nurjanah Nurjanah


Learning mathematics plays a very important role in a learning process because someone will be trained to use the ability to think critically, actively, creatively, analytically and systematically. Likewise with problem solving is very necessary for students to understand the concepts and relationships between concepts and with others. Based on the results of TIMSS and PISA studies and literature studies indicate that there are still many students who experience difficulties in the cognitive process to understand problems and solve problems in the word problems. This fact gave rise to this study which aims to investigate the difficulties done by students in solving problems in the Pythagorean Theorem. This study was qualitative research, involving 10 students in grade VIII at one of junior
high school in Bandung selected by using random sampling technique was carried out. Analysis of ability to solve problems in this study based on the Polya steps, namely understanding the problem, devicing a plan, carrying out the plan and looking back. Techniques of collecting data used in this study were written test and interview. Data were analyzed descriptively. The results of this study The results of this study (1) students' difficulties in understanding aspects of the problem that students are not used to completing story problems based on the steps of the pattern and students do not understand the concept; (2) difficulties in planning aspects, students have not been able to make mathematical models and students lack training; (3) difficulties in carrying out the plan, namely the bad habits of students who are inaccurate and meticulous in calculations; and (4) difficulties in the aspect of looking back, ie students do not know how to check the results of answers.

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