Redesign and Implementation of the OIDDE Learning Model by Integrating Web-Based Formative Assessment

S Julaeha, T Hidayat, N Rustaman


The OIDDE learning model is known as one of the learning models that can be used to support 21st century learning. OIDDE is an acronym for Orientation, Identify, Discussion, Decision, and Engage in Behavior. In the OIDDE model, each stage of learning requires the development of students' thinking skills. To optimize the application of the OIDDE model in 21st century learning, web-based formative assessment was conducted. It is aiming that the OIDDE model can be applied not only in learning related to ethical issues but also in other learning content. Additionally, the use of technology in the implementation of formative assessment can improve students' digital literacy and provide more effective feedback to students. The implementation of the OIDDE model design was performed in one class of 25 students yet. Based on the results of the learning response questionnaire given to students and teachers, it indicates that the new OIDDE model can be implemented well. Learning activities are more active and focused on students. In a further implication, students' understanding of concepts and digital literacy has also increased.

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