The Effect of Match Mine Cooperative Learning on VIII Grade Students’ Mathematics Learning Outcomes

L Rahmi, Helma Helma, D Usdiyana


The learning outcome is one of the capabilities of the students after receiving their learning experience. In fact, student's learning outcome still needs to be improved. One of the factor is students are less active during the learning process of mathematics. Alternative solution of this problem is applying cooperative learning model type match mine. The learning process with this model can make student to build their mathematical ideas and construct its and be able to communicate and match the idea with their friend, so that students get involved to
be active in learning and understand the material well. The design of this research is Quasi exsperimental with Static Group Design. This research shows that the learning outcomes of students who learns mathematics with cooperative learning type match mine is better than learning outcomes of students who learns with conventional learning models. It means the cooperative learning type match mine effect on students' mathematics learning outcomes.

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