Implementation of Project Based Learning to Improve Students’ Mastery of Concepts on Electrolytic Cells Material

M Lektriani, W Wahyu, W Sopandi


This research was conducted to obtain information on the implementation of Project Based Learning (PjBL) to increase students’ mastery of concept in sub electrolysis cell material. The method which is used is a quasiexperimental; the study sample was 40 students in the third grade of a senior high school in Bandung. The instrument was used were written tests and observation sheets. Improved learning outcomes using the gain normalized <g>. Data analysis used The Mann-Whitney test and T test. The results showed that the observer's assessment for researchers at all stages of the PjBL for 2 meetings were 94.5 with very good categories.The increase students’ mastery of concept on experimental class (<g>=76) and the control class (<g>=64) is different with the signification value 0,028. Most of the students responded that the application of PjBL in learning can increase their interest and motivation, so students more easily understand the concept of electrolysis and creativity of the students can be increased.

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