Development of The Earthquake STEM Teaching Materials

D N Hidayah, I Kaniawati, S Anwar


STEM learning is a strategy to improve the quality of graduates to be ready to provide solutions to problems in society. However, based on a preliminary study, STEM learning is still done in one semester. The teacher does not yet have teaching materials to teach STEM. STEM worksheets are downloaded from the internet and themes taken are not in accordance with STEM core cores in design design to product manufacture. Thus, teaching materials are developed using the Four step teaching materials development (4S TMD) method. After being tested in one of the
schools in Bandung, teaching materials are able to provide meaningful STEM learning experiences and provide student responses in designing earthquake resistant buildings and seismographs according to the objectives of STEM learning by Bybee (2013).


Teaching Materials, STEM, 4S TMD

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