The Development of Mathematical Module Based on OIDDE Learning Model With Comics Illustrations to Improve HOTS Students in Linear Equations

N P Anggraini, Budiyono Budiyono, H Pratiwi


In this 21st century, every student will face an era which are the opponents of students are not only humans but also technological sophistication. Students need to have better prepared to face this era. One of the best
preparations is the preparation to improve higher order thinking skills (HOTS). This study aims to determine the results of the development of mathematical modules based on OIDDE learning models by comics illustrations to improve HOTS students. This study uses the Research and Development method, with a sample of 125 junior high school students. The results of this study found that the mathematics module is valid, practical and effective. The module is said to be valid because it has the standard validation score of 3 validators. The module is said to
be practical because the module reaches 80% the score of practicality from the assessment which is teachers and students as users. The module is said to be effective because the posttest score of students after using the module is better than before using the module. The module developed can increase the HOTS of junior high school students in the matter of linear equations. Modules are considered not bored when used by students. Students are interested in comics illustrations that are able to increase students motivation and literacy.

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