Mathematics Creative Thinking Levels Based on (Learners’)? Habits of Mind

Nosep Sumiarto, Endang Cahya M A


Creative thinking is the ability to solve problems with various alternative ideas and solutions. One of the affective aspects of behavior that is contained in creative thinking is the habits of mind. The habits of mind can be defined as the actions or behavior in solving problems intelligently. This study aims to analyze the level of mathematics creative thinking ability based on the habits of mind. This research was conducted in the eighth grade of Junior High School in Sumedang. This is a descriptive study with qualitative approach. The data were collected through interviews, questionnaires and documentations. The results show that students who have high habits of mind are in the level 3 of creative thinking skill (creative). Students with moderate habits of mind are in the level 2 (creative
enough). Meanwhile, the students with low habits of mind are in the level 0 (not creative).

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