Mathematical Communication Ability Based on Mathematical Resilience

Ganjar Rahmat Gumelar, Yaya S Kusumah


Mathematical communication plays a very significant role in the success of mathematical learning. In the process of learning, attitude factors also have influences towards students’ psychological aspect. One of those factors is
mathematical resilience. The research was a descriptive research with qualitative approach. The aim of this research was to describe and analyze students’ abilities in solving problems about mathematics communication skills viewed from the mathematics resilience categories. The subjects in this research were twenty eighth grade students in a state junior high school in West Java Province, Indonesia. The methods of collecting data were giving a test, conducting interviews, and taking documentations. The students were categorized into three resilience categories and then their mathematical communication skills were analyzed using the data from the test and the interview. The results show that the mathematical communication skills of the students with high resilience are high. The students with medium resilience have low mathematical communication skills, and the students with low category in resilience have in a very low category in mathematical communication skills.

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