Helping Students to Use the Product Rule Concept to Solve Counting Principle Problems

P Astuti, D Suryadi, A Jupri


This research is motivated by learning obstacles (LO) on the counting principle concepts. One of them is the students’ difficulty in using the product rule concept when it is combined with other counting principle concepts in solving problems. This study aims to develop a didactical design to overcome the LO by following didactical design research steps. The method used in this research was a qualitative method and the data collection was collected by using observation, documentation, and test. The design was implemented in 39 senior high school students at the eleventh grade in science program, one of the schools in Bandung city. The results showed that some of student’s responses had been accordance with predictions, but several other could not be anticipated, and didactical design
implemented had not made all students understood the product rule concept optimally, and LO could not be overcome significantly. Therefore, this didactical design still needs to be developed in order to be created a better didactical design.

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