Digital Literacy Profile of Biologi Pre-Service Teachers

I Yayu Nurul Hizqiyah, A Widodo, S Sriyati, W Setiawan


The purpose of this study to determine the profile of digital literacy skills for biology pre-service teachers. The method used in the study is a survey method that is applied to students who contract general biology courses with 30 people. The digital literacy aspects or indicators used in this study are the digital literacy category developed by NCREL & Metiri Group (2003) in the 21st Century Skills enGauge which covers: basic literacy, scientific literacy, information literacy, technology literacy, visual literacy, and global awareness literacy. Research data is collected using a digital literacy skill questionnaire and a digital literacy assessment observation sheet during the learning process. The type of data will be obtained in the form of qualitative data which will be processed using a Likert Scale calculation. The data is then analyzed using descriptive analysis techniques. The results of the study have shown that digital literacy skills in biology pre-service teachers are still in the low category.

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