Analyze the Mathematical Communication Ability of Junior High School in Rectangular Materials

Myti Sandri, Dian Usdiyana, Nanang Priatna


This aims to analyze the mathematical communication ability of junior high school in rectangular materials.Sample of research is 5 students of class VII which is taken random in one of junior high school in Bekasi. The type of
research used is descriptive qualitatif research. The instrument used is a test of mathematical communication skills in the form 5 items essay question. The test result that have been done on some mathematical communication skills is still show below average result. So, it can be concluded that the level of student’s mathematical communication ability is still relatively low. As for the student’s difficulties in solved the problem of mathematical communication ability for indicators of making conjectures, compiling arguments, formulating definitions
and generalizations, and indicators re-describe a paragraph of mathematical problem in their own language.


Analyze, Mathematical Communication Ability, Rectangular Materials

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