Identification of Problem Solving Skills of Middle School Students in Science Learning

Y Riznani, P Siahaan


Problem solving skill is one of high-level thinking skills that need to be taught in science learning to prepare students to face the 21-st century’s challenges and solve real life problems. This research is a preliminary study which aims to get an overview of the ability of middle school students in solving problems in science learning. The method used was descriptive method. The research sample was 34 first grade students of one of middle school in Bandung. The research data were collected by using problem-based essay tests that contain the context of
environmental pollution problems. The test included five indicators where students were asked to (1) identify problems, (2) formulate problem questions, (3) explaining and analyzing the problems, (4) formulate alternative solutions, and (5) determine the most appropriate solution. The results showed that students' ability to solve problem were still low with an average score was 50.29 with capabilities per indicator were (1) 60.0%, (2) 45.7%, (3), 39.0%, (4) 59.4%, and (5) 45.7%. Therefore, efforts need to be done by implementing learning activities
that can improve students' ability to solve problems, for instance is problem based learning.

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