Portfolio Learning Model in Efforts to Construct the Student Leadership Values

Ine Kusuma Aryani


Focus problem in this research are about: (1) The teacher plan to prepare Portfolio learning models in the civic education process; (2) The teacher does to apply portfolio learning model; (3) obstacle of doing portfolio learning model; (4) analysis of implication for do to learn civic education with use portfolio learning model in creation leadership value context on student them selves. The measure have to do through classroom action research are: 1) orientation; 2) Planning; 3) Action; 4) Observation, and 5) Reflection to all of measure portfolio learning model, the measures of portfolio learning model, are: 1) identification the problems; 2) choose the problem; 3) collect more information; 4) make class portfolio; 5) Provide portfolio; and 6) Doing reflection of learning experience.


Portfolio Learning Model, Leadership Values

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